Radon is predicted to be higher than EPA standards in every county across Iowa!

We have all been touched by cancer--loved ones, family, friends, kids, parents.  Our goal in starting RISK Radon is to help people become aware of what they are breathing inside of their own homes and offices in order to avoid the dangers of this poisonous gas. 

We only test for the gas. We are not here to sell you a mitigation system. If we find that your home tests above the EPA standard for allowable radon gas, we will be happy to provide you with preferred radon mitigaters in your area.

We are different than other companies. We only test for radon. Nothing more and nothing less. We show up on time and give you accurate results; and help you understand them!

It is an unnecessaryRISK to be living in a home that has not been tested for this gas.

We use the latest technology from Sun Nuclear in testing your home to acquire the most accurate readings possible. This includes cross-testing and frequent calibration.